Essential packing;
Sleeping bag
Air bed
Torch (head torches are good for using them horrible portaloos at night)
Toilet Roll
Hand Sanitizer
Baby wipes – for having a wash with
Solar shower – if you get a sunny weekend you can have a hot shower as if you were at home
BBQ equipment – throw away ones are perfect for that bacon cooking!
Clothes (put these in bin bags in your rucksack to avoid them getting wet if you get caught in a down pour or your tent leaks)
Wellington boots – plus another pair of comfortable boots, wearing willies all weekend can be hard work.
Food – essential staple breakfast items before you head off to the music (Freeze pack of bacon and store in a cool box, it defrosts over the weekend giving you fresh bacon sarnies every morning.)

For the ladies – a ‘shepee’ is an essential and makes it a lot easier when needing the loo in the night, you don’t have to leave your tent!!

Only take things that you are prepared to loose or ruin.
Keep valuables and money with you at all times – don’t leave it in the tent – at night sleep with it in the bottom of your sleeping bag.

Points to consider;
When you get there pitch your tent and GET YOUR BEARINGS!! Pick out a landmark that will help you get back to your tent at night.
Have a flag so that you can identify where you have camped.
Stick with your group of friends, don’t go off alone.
Find out where the welfare tent is, information points – familiarise yourself with where to go in case of emergency.

Drug and alcohol safety advice;
Don’t over do it on the first night. Remember your there for several days so PACE YOURSELF.
Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water.
If your going to drink alcohol monitor your use, set yourself a sensible limit and try not to go over it.
Don’t accept drink/drugs off friendly strangers.
Poly use of alcohol and drugs – DON’T DO IT!
Always remembers the 3 S’s will dictate your experience;
Substance – what it is your planning on your, ie. Alcohol
Set – the mindset that you are in, how your feeling on that day
Setting – the place where you are, who you are with, do you feel safe or uncomfortable?
Don’t be tempted to use drugs just because its what you think you should do at a festival.
Head Shop/ Legal highs stalls – Just because they say that they are ‘legal’ does not mean that they are safe, they carry the same risks that any other drug would have.
Don’t make silly decisions with your ‘beer goggles’ on – STOP, THINK, ACT!!!

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