Early Break has received 3 years funding from Children In Need to fund a full time worker based within the CSE Team (Engage) within East Lancashire. This money will support the continuation and growth of a role that was originally funded by Comic Relief for 3 years and allows Early Break to further embed itself as a key partner within the multi-agency team.

Young people who are at risk of or are being sexually exploited face a range of disadvantages specifically emotional distress, behavioural and psychological difficulties, physical ill health including unwanted pregnancies and STI’s. Substance use is a factor in many aspects of CSE, as part of the grooming process, as a disinhibitor as a means to try and cope with the abuse.

Having direct access to a specialist substance misuse worker will allow them to immediately begin to address their substance related needs and also have their awareness raised regarding their risky behaviour. This role will also reduce the harm by offering them a safe place to explore their feelings about what is happening and address their wider needs in relation to education, sexual health, friendship groups, positive activities and family relationships.

The worker will work as part of the existing multi-disciplinary team and will continue to strengthen the professional development of our wider Early Break workforce around the issue of sexual exploitation to ensure that all can identify signs early on and offer appropriate support.

We look forward to updating you on this work in the near future.

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