Early Break has received £4,200 to fund substance misuse awareness training to support families of children with additional needs or disabilities in the Bury area.

The donation was provided by the Santander Foundation, which offers Discovery Grants to UK registered charities for projects that help disadvantaged people in local communities.

The grant will help families, whose children have a range of disabilities, understand the risks associated with substance misuse. The charity believes in the merits of early intervention and this training will help families identify any substance misuse, signs and symptoms in young people and how to access treatment and support.

Rhyse Cathcart, Training Marketing & Development Worker, Early Break said: “I am so glad that I applied to the Santander Foundation to deliver the training to support vulnerable families. £4,200 is a lot of money for our charity and I intend to utilise it astutely to train up to 150 families in Bury. I am very grateful to the Santander Foundation and the valuable support from Heather the Branch Manager in Bury.

Heather Jopson, Branch Manager, Santander, Bury said: “The Santander Foundation makes hundreds of donations every year to good causes throughout the UK. Our branch is committed to playing a key part in the community and we are delighted to be supporting Early Break, and hope the donation makes a real difference to local people.”

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