Following the huge success of Early Break’s ‘Don’t Be A Zombie’ microsite (, an online resource for young people to access information and advice about drugs and alcohol, the charity is proud to announce the launch of ‘Memotional’, a bright, interactive and engaging microsite designed to help young people explore their emotions (

Established for 23 years, Early Break is the commissioned drug and alcohol service in Bury and Rochdale and offers a wide variety of interventions to address all the needs of young people and families. With 1 in 10 young people reported to have a mental health problem such as depression and anxiety, improving the emotional health of these young people and increasing their resilience is a priority for Early Break.

Vicky Maloney, CEO,  for Early Break said, “Memotional is an online resource that can be easily accessed by our digitally savvy young generation. We have been working with young people for many years and we already know that they are more likely to turn to the internet for answers to their questions than ask a parent or a peer. Memotional has been developed to help young people understand their often confusing emotions, offer advice and self-help coping strategies whilst being a fun and interactive site. In the past 12 months, 38,000 people accessed our ‘Don’t Be A Zombie’ microsite which proved to us that there was a need for more digital support for young people. We truly believe that good mental health is vital to ensuring good physical health and is important for the development and maintenance of healthy family relationships and friendships, make positive life choices and fulfil their potential in life.”


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