The 100 Club


The Early Break “100 Club” is here to recognise supporters who have made a single donation of £100 or more to Early Break.

We are proud to offer you or your organisation the opportunity to join our “100 Club”. If you are a business this is also a unique opportunity to advertise your company via our page and make a real difference in our work with vulnerable young people and their families.

What’s in it for me?

As a 100 Club member you will receive:

  • bespoke 100 Club members pinbadge
  • personalised members certificate highlighting your dedication to corporate social responsibility
  • a photo with you/your team and mentions on our social media, website and newsletter
  • invitations to Early Break fundraising events for yourself, family and friends and if you are a business, your customers and colleagues.
  • your business logo and link back to your website on our website’s supporters wall

What will the money be used for?

This money can help us to support different projects such as:

  • delivery of our smoking cessation program – £10 per week for 12 weeks will pay for one child to complete the program
  • delivery of holistic therapies to vulnerable young people and their families – £75 will fund a hour session for young people
  • new equipment and educational resources – £80 will buy a pair of beer goggles, £200 will buy a new bike, £640 will buy a new drug box
  • community outreach – £150 will enable us to deliver an extra session
  • family centred interventions such as our Family Centred Time program –£1700 will fund the program for one family
  • Holding Families – our parental substance misuse programme for families

If you’d like to join the Early Break 100 Club please contact us on 0161 723 3880 or email!

Supporters of the “100 Club”

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