Early Intervention


What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention ensures that everyone is able to realise their full potential by developing the range of skills needed to thrive. It is about getting extra, effective and timely interventions to all young people who need them, allowing them to flourish and preventing harmful and costly long-term consequences.

Early Break focus on a range of interventions which provide young people with a solid social and emotional foundation – improving their ability to form good relationships, communicate, manage their own behaviour and their mental health. The aim of early intervention is to reduce adverse childhood experiences and help a young person make positive choices.

The aims of the Early Intervention Service are:

  • To reduce harm the harm caused by substance use
  • To support young people to make healthier choices
  • To improve the quality of life for young people
  • To ensure current drug and alcohol use by young people does not escalate
  • To provide access to appropriate services where required

Outreach Work

Substance misuse Outreach Workers encourages young people to seek help from Early Break and advise them how to minimise risks to their health. They engage with young people in the community in parks, youth clubs, events and educational establishments.

Our Outreach Workers have a calm and caring approach and are able to build trusted relationship with young people. All young people are treated fairly and are not judged. Outreach Workers act as a link between the young person and them being referred into Early Break where an Advocacy Worker will work on a one to one basis with the young person, according to their specific needs.

Part of the job of our Outreach Workers is to raise awareness of substance misuse issues by offering advice, information and support to young people to help them make positive decisions.

Early Break Outreach Workers work closely with other professional such as the police, youth offending teams, CAMHS (children and adolescent mental health services) and street pastors.


Early Break workers have the skills and expertise to work with Black and Minority Ethnic Groups. Services are designed to reach out to these groups of young people to reduce barriers that may prevent these young people accessing drug and alcohol services. In some areas of service there are projects that are aimed at targeting individuals from specific BME groups. The young people from such groups receive the same service offer as any young person we come into contact with.

Early Intervention in Educational Establishments

Early Break provides targeted educational training sessions for pupils aged 10 years old and over to raise awareness of issues around substance misuse.  They also provide a number of informative resources such as a PSHE Programme (personal and social health education) and a Drugs Fact Workbook to give information on what a substance is, what the effects of a substance are and how to stay safe.