Family Centred Time

What is Family Centred Time?

It’s a relaxed meeting in a safe environment with other members of your family that you have identified that you want to be there. It helps you to identify issues connected with your drug/alcohol use and to understand your family relationships and hopefully strengthen them. This time allows you and your famly to solve your problems together

  • Your Early Break worker will explain everything fully
  • Your normal Early Break sessions continue outside Family Centred Time
  • You will have regular “Family Centred Time” meetings decided by you and the others who attend, these may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • The people you have invited may be offered some time on their own by the family worker

What is Family Centred Time for?

  • It aims to increase support for you
  • It gives your family an understanding of what drugs/alcohol you are using
  • It improves communication
  • It helps you to understand the impact your drug/alcohol use has on others
  • It gives you a better way of handling stress within your family

Who Attends Family Centred Time?

  • You
  • People chosen by you… just one person or a few i.e. Parents/Carers,Grandparents or Brother/Sister
  • Your Early Break worker will be there to help and work along side you
  • Your Early Break family worker will make sure that every one gets a say and is heard

Where Do Meetings Take Place?

  • A comfortable and safe place is offered, usually an Early Break centre
  • Not in your family home… this could be too cosy

How Does Family Centred Time Finish?

  • Your Early Break family worker will aim to bring each session to a positive conclusion with clear objectives for the next time your family meets
  • At the end of the sessions you and your family will agree on what has been achieved and what still has to be done
  • Hopefully you will all have a better understanding of each other and the time spent together will help you deal with your drug/alcohol issues