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Any young person referred to Early Break for substance misuse issues will be responded to within 24 hours. Advocacy Workers work with young people to gain a greater understanding of their needs and identify the support the young person may require. Early Break is a person-centred organisation which means the young person is always at the centre of the decision making process.

Together, the worker and young person will look at goals the young person wants to achieve. This process is known as care planning and will normally cover a whole range of areas such as substance use, physical health, emotional health, sexual health, family, education, finance and employment etc. Advocacy Workers offer one-to-one support, education and advice and offer harm reduction interventions. They have access to a doctor, holistic therapies and access to sexual health services. Sometimes the young person may only require a couple of sessions with an Advocacy Worker and other times they may work together for some time.

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If you are a young person who feels they would like some support around substance use, or if you would like to refer a young person to us, please get in touch on 0161 723 3880. Alternatively, please download this referal form fill it in and scan back to info@earlybreak.co.uk

Why not take a minute to take a look out our microsite Don’t be a Zombie. Focused educating and informing young people around the harms and issues associated with drug and alcohol misuse. www.dontbeazombie.co.uk